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Promotion - advertising media

Author: Jim Riley  Last updated: Sunday 23 September, 2012

Advertising media

There is a huge variety of media available through which a business can conduct an advertising campaign. What are the main types of media and what considerations should a business make in choosing between them?

The starting point in the selection of appropriate advertising media is a “media analysis”. This can be defined as:

"An investigation into the relative effectiveness and the relative costs of using the various advertising media in an advertising campaign"

Before committing an advertising budget it is necessary to carry out marketing research on:

- Potential customers

- Their reading habits, television-watching habits

- How many times the advertisers wish the potential customers to see an advertisement

- How great a percentage of the market they wish to reach, etc.

These elements all need to be considered and balanced to plan a campaign that will effectively reach its target audience at a reasonable cost.

A useful distinction can be made between “published media” and “visual/aural media”.

Published media include:

• National daily newspapers
• Sunday newspapers
• Local and regional newspapers
• Consumer magazines
• Specialist magazines
• Trade and professional press
• Internet

Visual and aural media include:

• Television (terrestrial and digital)
• Radio
• Cinema
• Billboards
• Transport
• Direct mailing

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